• Violence in Kenya spreads to tea plantations: Arson and attacks at tea plantations are latest incidents in the post-election violence. Kenya is the world's third-largest exporter of tea. [The Telegraph]
  • New communion wafers! Gluten-free wafers so parishioners can take communion without having an allergic reaction (see: coeliac disease). [The Daily Mail]
  • Useful sites to help you eat green: Find local farms, markets, and restaurants that use locally grown ingredients. [The Daily Green]
  • Jellyfish a boon to shrimpers in Florida: Unique Asian tastes are helping Florida's shrimpers stay afloat in the off season. [The Sun-Sentinel]
  • China's eating more as farms struggle: With the shrinking availability of land and migration to cities, the country's farms in having trouble meeting the demand of growing tastes. [BBC]
  • The five best foods that will kill you: Delicious but hazardous to your heath. Eat at your own risk! [Double Viking]
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