In the News: Slaughtering Chickens on TV; Mozzarella Trouble; $$ for Reservation Spots

  • Looking Dinner in the Eye: More and more chefs are demanding a certain kind of "intimacy" with their food due to the growing concern for how ethics plays a role in the way livestock is raised. Take Jamie Oliver, for instance, who shocked viewers by slaughtering a live chicken on his show. [NY Times]
  • Smoking ban could mean no more business for Beijing restaurant chain: Beijing's first smoke-free restaurant chain, Meizhou Dongpo, lost almost 80 percent of its customers after employing the nation-wide smoking ban that went into effect in October. Officials also wrote to 30,000 restaurants to enforce the smoking ban, but not a single restaurant appears to have "taken up the suggestion." [The Guardian]
  • Mozzarella supply at risk for disease: An outbreak of Brucellosis, a disease affecting the milk production of water buffalo, could have drastic results for the mozzarella di bufala supply, one of Italy's most important exports. [BBC]
  • Raw milk in high demand in Britain: In related dairy news... the consumption of raw milk is growing in Britain. While some believe it is healthier, is it worth the risk of getting salmonella or food poisoning? Would you drink drink unpasteurized milk? [Telegraph]
  • Hand over your dollars for a 7:30 reservation: The price of your dinner might not be the only expensive thing if you eat at one of New York's top restaurants—you could even be plunking down $25 just for a table reservation. is offering a place to buy and sell restaurant reservations. Guess scalping's not just limited to concerts and sports games anymore... [CNET]
  • This is THE source of Perrier: The municipality of Vergèze, in the Gard, has renamed the source of Nestlé's bottled water Perrier to "Source Perrier-Les Bouillens" (from "Les Bouillens") in an attempt to prevent Nestlé from relocating their production elsewhere. [The Guardian]


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