the piece in the business section of the New York Times about retired cop turned pitmaster Lou Elrose (Big Lou to his friends) because the writer was actually talking about pitmaster in New York being a legitimate profession in Gotham with unlimited growth opportunities. Lou was the associate pitmaster at Hill Country, and he is now going to be the pitmaster for Steve Hanson's new barbecue joint Wildwood Barbecue, opening on Park Avenue South in New York this coming March. A few years ago we would never have seen pitmaster, New York, and profession in the same article. What are we going to see next, NYU offering a doctorate in barbeculogy?

The New York Times' Andrew Martin muses on the carbon footprints of locavores. He wonders aloud "If it's fresh and local, is it always greener?" I'll have more to say about this tomorrow.

On the Houston Press' blog my friend Robb Walsh champions the cause of velveeta cheese when it's used in Tex-Mex cooking and finds himself in hot water with a sophisticated eater friend in Portland, Oregon. Robb made me laugh because I appreciate his passion for foods other people might find objectionable.


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