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With the New Year approaching, there is the possibility of the chance that maybe I would perhaps consider having an inkling to make a resolution to eat better. With that (50/50 at best) chance of "improving" my diet looming, it's time to stuff my face with not so healthy things, just in case I decide to abstain after January 1st.

In my book of guilty pleasures, the number one at the top of the list, has got to be fried chicken—and what better way to enjoy it then in sandwich form, served out of a bakery in Oakland, by a former cook from the birthplace of California cuisine.

Started by Australian Chef, and 3 year veteran of Chez Panisse, Alison Barakat, Bakesale Betty has a line down the street at lunchtime (think Magnolia Bakery in New York City), but it's not cupcakes the people are waiting for. Despite her wide array of delicious baked goods, it's actually their now famous fried chicken sandwich that is bringing in the crowds.

It starts with a torpedo roll from Acme Bread Company in Berkeley. Assembled at least 3 at a time, the line of rolls each get a generous heaping of mayo less cole slaw, made with green cabbage, red onions, jalapenos, parsley, red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and a dijon mustard vinaigrette. On top of the pile goes two Fulton Valley Farm free range chicken breasts, which have spent the night soaking in buttermilk, before being dipped in seasoned flour and fried in vegetable oil.

The sandwich is served Monday through Friday starting at 10am, but they are usually all gone by 2, so get there early. And, the best part- there is usually some sort of free treat for those willing to brave the long line!

Want to make it yourself? The San Francisco Chronicle has the recipe here.

Bakesale Betty

Address: 5098 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609 (between 49th & 51st; map)
Phone: 510-985-1213

About the author: Zach Brooks is the proprietor of Midtown Lunch, where he blogs about affordable lunchtime eats in Midtown Manhattan. The guy knows his sandwiches.


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