Are you a reverse, down-home food snob? Do you refuse to eat at McDonald's on general principle? Is Pizza Hut never an option for you? It used to be that food snobbery was defined by a person's love of caviar, foie gras, and white truffles. But nowadays many people (like me, I have to admit) have tried to articulate a set of standards for foods like hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, barbecue, and fried chicken.

We've tried to say it's OK, even desirable, to be discerning about iconic American foods that old-fashioned food snobs used to dismiss out of hand. If having standards and being discerning about hot dogs and hamburgers makes me a reverse food snob, I guess I'm OK with that. To find out if you're also a reverse food snob look below and see how many of these statements you agree with. If you agree with most of them, you can join me in the Serious Eater's Reverse Food Snob Club.

A.) is always a noun
B.) is something you get invited to in a friend's backyard
C.) cannot contain liquid smoke

Fried Chicken:
A.) must always be pan-fried in a cast-iron skillet
B.) can just as good made in a fryolator
C.) is the most delicious way to cook chicken
D.) is the best fast food on the planet

A.) should only be eaten rare or medium-rare
B.) need to be served on a potato roll to be considered great
C.) do not need cheese
D.) need to be at least 15 percent fat to be considered great

Hot dogs:
A.) need to have a natural casing to be considered great
B.) should be all-beef
C.) are best eaten grilled or griddled
D.) taste best deep-fried
E.) are best eaten standing up

A.) is the world's most perfect food
B.) must be made in a coal or wood-burning oven
C.) should never have pineapple on it
D.) must have discrete areas of sauce and cheese
E.) all of the above


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