Editor's note: We just can't resist bringing you more po' boy info. By happy coincidence, our Serious Sandwich columnist, Zach Brooks, happened to have this sautéed shrimp po' boy on the slate for this week's installment. —Adam

It takes a lot for a new sandwich to get recognized in New Orleans. It's already home to the Central Grocery Muffalatta, plus every type of po' boy imaginable (see Blake Killian's Po' Boy Festival post), including two that I've already written about here (Crabby Jack's duck po' boy and the soft-shelled crab po' boy I had Jazzfest).

Now you can add the sautéed shrimp remoulade po' boy to that list. Shrimp remoulade (like the one from Susan Spicer's new book) is traditionally served chilled, as an appetizer. But Ignatius Eatery, a one-year-old restaurant on Magazine Street uptown (from the owners of Rue de la Course), has taken the Crescent City classic, and turned it into a serious sandwich that is finding its place in a city already known for some pretty amazing sandwiches.

Like most po' boys, the sandwich is a pretty simple creation. It starts with French-style bread from Leidenheimer Bakery (the key to any good po' boy—and part of the reason why nobody can seem to get it right outside of New Orleans). It's then loaded with Cajun sautéed shrimp, and dressed with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and, instead of the standard mayo, the remoulade—made from Zatarain's Creole mustard, mayo, horseradish, green onions, and parsley. The creamy, tangy, spicy sauce lives somewhere between the classic French version and the Susan Spicer "N'awlins" version, turning the whole sandwich into pure genius. It makes so much sense that it's sort of surprising it's not a standard po' boy on menus all over town.

It started off as a Friday special, but it has gotten so popular they'll make it to order any day of the week if you just ask. It will be officially added to the menus soon—just in time for Mardi Gras.

Ignatius Eatery & Grocery

Address: 4200 Magazine Street, New Orleans LA 70115 (at Milan Street; map)
Phone: 504-896-2225

Photograph from Nick Perniciaro on Flickr

About the author: Zach Brooks is the proprietor of Midtown Lunch, where he blogs about affordable lunchtime eats in Midtown Manhattan. The guy knows his sandwiches.


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