Meatloaves from Married With Dinner, What We're Eating, Alosha's Kitchen, and Lanaberry.

Leftovers get a bad rap, but not where meatloaf is concerned; I think a cold meatloaf sandwich the next day is the best part. In that spirit, we bring you the last of the meatloaf round up. Thanks to everyone who helped make the inaugural celebration of this humble, tasty dish a success!

Sixteen more meatloaf submissions, after the jump.

What's more IKEA than those ubiquitous allen wrenches it throws in with everything? How 'bout Swedish meatballs? Guilty Pleasures's Kat Kinsman takes a half bag of the furniture giant's famous meatballs, a packet of IKEA meatball sauce, and some IKEA lingonberry syrup, and playfully transforms it into IKEA Meätlöaf. Heh. "Slice, and serve hot or cold with lingonberries, and a side of umlauts." Also on Guilty Pleasures, C. Spencer Beggs makes a bison meatloaf flavored with shallots.

meatloaf-lunapier.jpgNow that he finally has the recipe for Mom's Dill-Pickle-Sauced Meatloaf, Luna Pier Cook can rekindle the tradition of regular deliciousness in meatloaf form to the delight of his family.

Blaire with an E improvised off of Amy Sedaris's comedy/tasty meatloaf recipe, resulting in a meatloaf that was crisp on the outside, soft and rich on the inside, perfectly sized for one very hungry person.

In place of the usual seasonings Married with Dinner's meatloaf features some strange-sounding spices that she assures us give warmth to the final result without tasting like an oatmeal cookie.

Alosha's Kitchen is new to cooking and shares a basic recipe with a ginger twist.

MissBHavens not only shares her carefully refined recipe for her MegaLoaf; she created a meatloaf music video how-to so that you can join her in a "Meat Coma".

Poor Annie's New York Eats has never even tasted meatloaf, much less made one; she was inspired by our celebration to research loaf recipes and we hope the success of meatloaf submissions from around the world inspires her to give one a try.

meatloaf-phillycharm.jpgOne part hippie meatloaf how-to, one part musical tribute and entirely funny, Fork You has a video submission for a healthy meatloaf with a potato binder.

What We're Eating concocted a meatloaf made with a mix of ground beef and hot italian sausage, stuffed with a ricotta, goat cheese, and fresh herb filling and share a little bit of meatloaf history as well as meatloaf eating advice.

After procrastinating with a Red Sox game, a concert, law school application and a variety of other impressive activities, To a Bright Yellow finally settled into making her mom's meatloaf recipe, with delightfully easy results.

Lanaberry's favorite food to play with is Mexican…so she decided to spice things up with some chipotle adobo, sauteed starter veggies, a sweet and saucy topping, and roasted jalapeños on top.

meatloaf-stevefolio.jpgSteve Folio tried out the Cajun Meatloaf recipe from "Prudhomme Louisiana Kitchen" and recommends very hot sauce for topping the moist and delicious results.

Tonia Cooks saw no reason to mess with success, and shares a classic meatloaf that she recommends you bake on a sheet tray for a crispier crust.

Slashfood's Marisa McClellan makes two loaves—one mentioned above at Fork You—and one on Slashfood.

Meatloafing, a blog whose name could not be more fitting for this day, makes a case for hamburgers as meatloaf. We don't know if we're buying that, but we're giving the entry props for the blog's title alone.

And finally, Rachel Scobie made the meatloaf cupcake used as today's Photo of the Day from a mix of sweet Italian sausage, ground beef and onions.

That's the end of the round up of meatloaf submissions—thanks for participating in National Meatloaf Appreciation Day!

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