• Seafood now said OK for pregnant women: In a major break with current U.S. health advice, a coalition of top scientists from private groups and federal agencies plans to advise pregnant and breast-feeding women to consume at least 12 ounces of fish and seafood a week to ensure optimal brain development of their babies. Since 2001, these groups advised pregnant that women eat no more than 12 ounces a week. [Seattle Times]

  • USDA took 18 days to recall meat: The U.S. Department of Agriculture waited 18 days after learning that millions of pounds of ground beef made by Topps Meat Co. could be contaminated with E. coli before it concluded that a recall was necessary, according to an email from an agency inspection official. [Chicago Tribune]

  • Another day, another food recall: Some packages of Kraft's Baker's Premium White Chocolate may have salmonella contamination. "The company said the recalled product is in 6-ounce packages with UPC Code 0043000252200 and the following "best when used by" dates: 31 MAR 2008 XCZ, 01 APR 2008 XCZ, 02 APR 2008 XCZ, 03 APR 2008 XCZ." [Reuters]

  • Farm gets grant to study which apple bakes best: "The U.S. Department of Agriculture awarded the farm with a $9,800 grant to assess the baking, drying, browning and growing attributes of 40 apple varieties. 'Then the idea is to tell new organic farmers which trees they can plant,' said Lou Lego, who co-owns the Elderberry Pond farm and restaurant with his wife, Merby." [The Citizen, of Auburn, NY]

  • Moscow eliminating food kiosks? Looks like the international war on street food (taco trucks in California, street fare in Toronto) has a new front—the capital city of Russia. [Moscow News Weekly]

  • Amsterdam's "space cakes" go animal-friendly: Amsterdam's coffee shops have begun using free-range eggs in their hashish "space cakes." [Belfast Telegraph]
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