• Food safety concerns may stall farm bill: "Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., said she will block the Senate bill if it includes a House-passed provision that would allow some smaller meat processing plants to opt out of federal meat inspections in favor of state inspections. The bill hasn't even emerged from committee yet." [Associated Press]

  • Food crises in Zimbabwe deepens: Bakeries are closing for lack of flour in the country once known as the "breadbasket of Africa." [Voice of America]

  • Italians plan "vote" against genetically modified food: As opposition wanes in North and South American, Italy is hoping to renew Europe's stand against "Frankenfoods." [Reuters]

  • U.K. egg supply threatened: If prices aren't raised, farmers say they won't have incentive to produce the incredible edible item. [farminguk.com]

  • Kids don't like Jamie Oliver's school food: "One teenager told inspectors that he had become far fitter as a result of regular walks to a nearby chip shop." [The Guardian]

  • Play with your food: Cooking Mama 2 for the Nintendo DS portable game system to include more Western foods, like apple pie, chili dogs, and pizza. [Wired]

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