Legislators just can't seem to keep their hands off kids' cupcakes. According to the New York Post, Michael Benjamin, a New York state assemblyman from the Bronx, is "drafting legislation that would make the cupcake the official children's snack of New York."

Benjamin is upset that some New York state school districts are trying to institute the dreaded cupcake ban.

Although he is apparently at odds with his wife (who thinks his bill encourages childhood obesity) over his principled stance, Benjamin is undeterred because "it's a personal peeve of mine that everything that brings warm memories, the muffin mullahs want to cut out of our diet."

Personally I think only bad cupcakes, the dry ones with grainy icing, should be expelled from all schools everywhere. But that's just me.

All right, let your voice be heard on this hot-button issue.

Should cupcakes be banned from school birthday celebrations?


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