20070920tomatillos.jpgThis ain't news, people, but one of the neat and fun things about the internet is seeing how something—a meme, a scandal, or, in this case, a recipe—spreads over the series of tubes.

Last week, Mario Batali shared a chicken-with-green-sauce recipe with us that he picked up from his kids' babysitter. It was so easy and delicious-sounding that everyone in the office printed it out or bookmarked it or what not. And, judging by the comments on that recipe, many of you did, too, with at least two Serious Eaters (JerzeeTomato and LunaPierCook) reporting that they made it.

LunaPierCook, not only made and posted about the original recipe, he came up with a good use for leftover sauce, and then goes on to detail his own experience with the recipe after making it yet again three days later: "I can see countless possibilities for this sauce, from the sauté liquid for the chicken as it was used originally, to the sauce for the pork from yesterday, to the basis for a salsa verdé, even as the topper on a seriously interesting Latina-style omelet."

Says JerzeeTomato: "The recipe takes almost no effort which I really liked. I suggest everyone make this."

[Note to klg919, who asked about cipollini braised in tomato sauce and balsamic vinegar: That's next week's recipe. Stay tuned!]

Photograph from LunaPierCook


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