I didn't need to read Eric Asimov's New York Times story on food and drink in Portland, Oregon, to know that Portland is fast becoming one of America's best food towns.

Eric's list of places was by no means definitive (nor was it supposed to be) but by aggregating the spots he mentioned with others that have appeared on Serious Eats and in other places (another NYT piece by Chrstine Muhlke) the last few years we can put together a pretty complete Serious Eats Food Lover's Guide to Portland.

Those familiar with the Portland food scene should by all means add their favorite places to the list. Remember, this is Serious Eats. We want to know where Portland's best bites are, from foie gras to frankfurters, from pizza to pigeon, from burgers to berries. A great local online source for food information and entertainment is Portland Food and Drink. The site has a great tag line: "Throwing Ourselves on the Grenade of Bad Food to Save You."

Apizza Scholls
Apizza Scholls owners Brian Spangler and his wife, Kim Nyland, are active members of the Serious Eats community, and Adam and I even loved a pizza they FedExed us one day. 4741 SE Hawthorne Boulevard; 503-233-1286; apizzascholls.com

Fresh, local, sustainable, delicious burgers. What more could anyone ask for in a regional burger chain? Have a Marionberry shake, Serious Eater Calichef said, and Walla Walla onion rings (both in season, of course). Visit burgerville.com for locations

200 SW Market Street; 503-248-0004; carafebistro.com

Clyde Common
1014 SW Stark Street; 503-228-3333; clydecommon.com

Crema Coffee and Bakery
2728 SE Ankeny Street; 503-234-0206; cremabakery.com

Gotham Building Tavern
2240 N Interstate Avenue; 503-235-2294

Higgins Restaurant & Bar
1239 SW Broadway; 503-222-9070; higgins.ypguides.net

Ken's Artisan Bakery
338 NW 21st Avenue; 503-248-2202; kensartisan.com

Ken's Artisan Pizza
304 SE 28th Avenue; 503-517-9951; kensartisan.com

Le Pigeon
I told you about Gabriel Rucker's incomparable grilled bone marrow sandwich a couple of months ago. It was the work of a mad genius. 738 E Burnside Street; 503-546-8796; lepigeon.com

10 NE 28th Avenue; 503-232-3555; navarreportland.blogspot.com

Noble Rot
2724 SE Ankeny Street; 503-233-1999; noblerotpdx.com

1338 NW Hoyt Street; 503-274-0800; olearestaurant.com

Paley's Place Bistro & Bar
1204 NW 21st Avenue; 503-243-2403; paleysplace.net

Park Kitchen
422 NW Eighth Avenue; 503-223-7275; parkkitchen.com

This is where the folks at Apizza Scholls got their start. Two of Portland's best food stores great for local artisanal products and imported foods. 3735 SE Hawthorne Boulevard; 206-232-1010; and 735 NW 21st Avenue; 206-221-3002; pastaworks.com

Pix P√Ętisserie
3402 SE Division Street; 503-232-4407; pixpatisserie.com

Pok Pok
3226 SE Division Street; 503-232-1387; pokpokpdx.com


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