If you ever plan on eating at The Fat Duck—known as one of the best restaurants in the world—and want your meal to be a surprise, don't read Boots in the Oven's exhaustive photo-laden post about their more than three-hour dinner at the restaurant. Otherwise, dig into 20 or so courses (if I may count every different dish as a course, even if it's the sized of a tablespoon) of molecular gastronomical madness, ranging from oak moss and truffle toast (appetizer) to salmon smoked with liquorice (main dish) to mango and Douglas fir purée (dessert).

Although I'd love to try all the dishes, one stood out as the most intriguing: nitro-scrambled egg and bacon ice cream. Don't tell me this doesn't sound awesome:

For the last course, all stops were pulled out. It had a little bit of everything: performance, novelty, humor, presentation, deliciousness… you name it. It started with a lady bringing over a carton holding a half dozen eggs, each bearing the Fat Duck stamp. After we selected our egg, she prepared the anti-pot, a copper apparatus that “cooks” with cold instead of heat.

She cracked our egg into the pot and added a little liquid nitrogen while stirring vigorously with a wooden spoon. We soon discovered that the eggy insides had been replaced with a bacon flavored gelato mix. I’m also fairly certain that during the initial preparation of the base, it was taken to a higher temperature than normal so that more of the egg proteins set, giving it a distinct egg flavor.

When the gelato was done, it was carefully served on top of bruleed French toast with a paper thin slice of candied bacon that had been coated with a shellac of sucrose. On the bottom, there was a dab of tomato jam and on the side came a glass of chilled tea jelly. See, an entire breakfast!

As soon as I save £115, grab a reservation to the restaurant, and secure transportation to Berkshire, I'm so there.


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