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Gary Vaynerchuk in Episode #285 of Wine Library TV.

Two nights ago, a top television exec dined at Babbo and I was his sommelier. As I masterfully executed a long-pour across the table, I hinted at my desire to host my own prime-time wine television show. He said, “I think you’re right. I was speaking with the president of the Food Network over lunch yesterday, trying to convince him that this was a good idea. America is ready for it."

With TV programs, films, and scores of books, food has increasingly become part of the mainstream media. Meanwhile, though wine consumption remains on the rise and despite the success of the movie Sideways, wine rarely appears on national programming.

Not if Gary Vaynerchuk has anything to say about it—and he has something to say about everything. Vaynerchuk hosts the popular vlog (video blog) and made an appearance as a featured guest last night on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Lenn Thompson sees this move as groundbreaking and speculates that this could usher in a whole new genre of wine programming: "Maybe we’ll see him star in a new show called Top Drunk. Or Hell’s Cellar? Maybe the Next Wine Network Star?"

About the author: Joe Campanale is a sommelier at New York City's Babbo and is the food and wine editor at Debonair Magazine. Joe is a Certified Wine Educator, Certified Sommelier, and is pursuing his master's degree in Food Studies at New York University.

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