I'm so glad Robyn is going to be back in the office tomorrow so she can find good Photos of the Day. I'm spotty at best and just end up teasing Robyn by posting photos from her own Flickr account.

Past the jump, a bonus PotD.

[Note to Robyn: DO NOT CLICK PAST THE JUMP. You will ruin the surprise we have for you here at the office.]

OK. The bonus PotD lies below. You'll have to scroll a bit to get to it. I'm only doing this so that Robyn—if she has clicked or is reading this in an RSS reader—does not see the photo right away.

Keep scrolling ...

Keep scrolling ...

Some more ...

Robyn, if you're still scrolling, stop now!

The rest of you, keep scrolling ...

Robyn: STOP NOW. If you ruin your own surprise, we're going to stick you with the TPS Reports for the week ...

OK, here it is, your moment of Zen:


The giant Robyn picture we made while she was away on vacation from this image, using the Rasterbator web app. Sorry that the image quality is so poor, but you get the idea.

If you're reading this, Robyn, you BETTER act surprised tomorrow morning.


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