It's Tough and Oozes a Weird Gray Substance

friedtesticles.jpgAlthough testicles—euphemistically referred to as "prairie oysters" and "fries" in edible form—are usually served battered and deep-fried, Angela Garbes of The Stranger was underwhelmed by the heavily breaded testicle slices she ate at the 25th Annual Testicle Festival in Clinton, Montana.

She describes her attempt to prepare testicles in a non-deep fried manner in order to fulfill her craving for the overlooked offal. Sadly, the result was not very appetizing.

The smell was heavenly, but the meat was incredibly tough and oozed a weird gray substance (I hadn't soaked them long enough to get rid of all the impurities, apparently). I was mortified; they were terrible. "Well," said my dad, "it's not tripe."

She hasn't given up all hope; she's willing to try a testicle dish if it's made by a chef who knows how to prepare it correctly. For those of you who prefer to do it yourself, there are plenty of recipes waited to be tested out.

Photograph from snekse on Flickr


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