Healthy Deep-Fried Oreos: Could It Be?

While I am pondering my need to lose 25 pounds the good folks at the Indiana State Fair are paying lip service to the health police this year by frying their Oreos, peanut butter cups, and Snickers bars in trans-fat free oil.

What do you make of this development?

The money quote:

"This is a slice of heaven,” said Ryan Howell, 31, as he cradled his Combo Plate, which, for the record, consists of one battered Snickers bar, two battered Oreos and a battered Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup — all deep-fried in oil that is trans-fat free, thank goodness."

And if Mr. Howell chooses he can wash his combo plate down with something just as deadly.

The story doesn't say if Mr. Howell washed down his "slice of heaven" with the latest lethal Indiana State Fair delicacy, deep-fried Pepsi.

Considering that this story appeared in the New York Times, the "thank goodness" phrase is dripping with sarcasm, served up with a super-sized side order of skepticism and irony. And rightfully so.

What used to be the ultimate three-way evil food trifecta (unhealthy food deep-fried in killer oil) has now been reduced to a duet of unhealthiness.

Does this mean that we can now order a double at the combo-plate booth and not feel guilty? Does this mean I can now throw away my copy of You On a Diet? Finally, does this mean I wasted the money I just spent on the new over-the-counter diet drug, Alli?

Even those of us who believe deeply in food as a keen source of pleasure in our lives have to be horrified reading about the trans-fat–free combo plate.

I have to go now. My deep-fried Twinkies are burning.

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