The Serious Eats Sushi Roll

So, Serious Eaters, armed with Nick Tosches's sensible and comprehensible sushi criteria, which you are free to ignore if you have your own set of standards, we are going to put together the ultimate sushi finder's list in any city or country Serious Eaters have eaten in. I am going to reach out to all the constituencies in the Serious Eats universe: the legion of passionate and discerning community members and my restaurant critic and food editor friends and acquaintances around the world who often weigh in on things they care about on the site. Please give us names, addresses, phone numbers, and ZIP codes in your write-up along with a sentence or two about what makes the place unique or distinctive. In other words, tell us its story, so that we know why we should care about the place. You can also feel free to second somebody else's choice or choices.

Editor's note: All good sushi is expensive. Cheap sushi is a contradiction in terms. Some places are cheaper than others, but, apart from a few lunch specials, it is hard for me to imagine spending less than $50 for a good sushi meal. You can get edible sushi for less, but it's never going to be great. It can be good enough to eat and enjoy, but that's about it. That's just the way it is with sushi. I'm sorry.

I am going to start the Serious Eats Sushi Roll rolling with a few New York City picks:

Blue Ribbon (Brooklyn)
The Bromberg Brothers, AKA the Blue Ribbon Boys, serve up serious, appropriately pricey and reasonably authentic sushi in both locations.
280 5th Avenue, 11215
(718) 840-0404

Blue Ribbon Sushi (Manhattan)
See above.
119 Sullivan Street, 10012
(212) 343-0404

Bond Street
The original downtown bastion of high quality, creative sushi.
6 Bond Street, 10012
(212) 777-2500

15 East
Marco Moreira of Toqueville hired a former Jewel Bako sushi chef to solid effect.
15 E 15th Street, 10003
(212) 647-0015

Old midtown (two locations) serious corporate sushi standby. Haven't been in many years.
237 Park Ave, 10017
(212) 661-3400
(212) 286-0980

Jewel Bako
Jack Lamb's tiny ode to pristine sushi preparations.
239 E 5th Street, 10003
(212) 979-1012

Kuruma Zushi
The seminal serious midtown sushi emporium, located on the second floor of a nondescipt office building. I have spent a couple of hundred dollars here without even trying.
7 E 47th Street # 2, 10017
(212) 317-2802

Yes, it's the most expensive restaurant in America, but by all accounts (including mine) it's worth every penny. The same cannot be said for Bar Masa, which in my mind is nothing special.
10 Columbus Circle, 10019
(212) 823-9800

Purists scoff, but I have had lots of truly delicious sushi at Nobu. The tiradito can't be beat.
105 Hudson Street, 10013
(212) 219-0500

Nobu 57
See above
40 W 57th Street, 10019
(212) 757-3000

Atlanta's mad sushi master has come to New York and delivered the goods.
357 Avenue of the Americas, 10014
(212) 414-3088

Sushi of Gari (East Side)
Pricey, new wave sushi, not all that authentic. Serious sushi mavens are split on Sushi of Gari
402 E 78th Street, 10021
(212) 517-5340

Sushi of Gari (West Side
See above.
347 W 46th Street, 10036
(212) 957-0046

Sushi Sasabune
Another Los Angeles sushi transplant (Masa was the first) that successfully made the trip east. Choice freaks should note that like Masa, Sasabune is omakase (chef's choice) only.
401 E 73rd Street, 10021
(212) 249-8583

Sushi Seki
Modest digs, late hours, and serious raw fish make this an unusual Upper East Side hipster hangout.
1143 1st Ave, 10021
(212) 371-0238

Sushi Yasuda
Super-serious sushi joint near Grand Central Station where Japanese businessman spend big bucks when they're in town.
204 E 43rd Street, 10017
(212) 972-1001

Sushi Zen
Where the editors of Gourmet and Bon Appetit go for sushi. If they deem you sufficiently serious, you can get a terrific omakase sushi meal here.
108 W 44th Street, 10036
(212) 302-0707

Frank Bruni recently reviewed this modest West Village restaurant and said if you choose your fish carefully, you can eat very well for a surprisingly modest sum.
136 W Houston Street, 10012
(212) 228-4181

This is only the beginning. By the time we're finished with our sushi log roll, sushi eaters all over the world can leave the house knowing how close they are to great sushi.

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