(Graph Paper(Funny Descriptions(Cute Drawings of Desserts))) -> Awesome


Holly of Raspberry Debacle should win an award in the category of "Important Contributions to the World of Desserts" for her detailed and lovingly hand-drawn Sketch Toward a Taxonomy of Desserts and Meta-Desserts. The chart illustrates what you get when you combine two dessertoms—the metaphorical atoms of dessert—such as as crepe with fruit (fruit crepe), pastry with cream (eclair), or cream with cream (loads of cream). The bottom of the chart also lists several vital dessert functions, such as chilling, heating, and processing. If the chart weren't efficient enough, Holly has devised a shorthand system for referring to the combinations of the dessertoms and functions. For instance, instead of saying, "A trifle is a mixture of fruit, cream, custard, cake, and alcohol that is then chilled," you should write:

Chill(Add Alcohol(Cake(Custard(Cream(Fruit))))) -> Trifle

Read more about the chart's functions and rules of dessertom combination at Raspberry Debacle and view it in all its glory at Holly's flickr. I would proudly hang a copy of this chart in my kitchen. Or, better yet, wallpaper my room with many, many charts.

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