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If you're a Coke head, you've probably seen a change in the soft-drink giant's packaging in the last few weeks. As old stock rotates off the shelves and new product takes its place, a cleaner look arrives with it. I'd wax poetic about how much I appreciate this simple, dignified aesthetic, but the design blog Under Consideration sums up my thoughts exactly:

They've essentially done absolutely nothing. All the extra bits and doodads and extraneous graphics are gone. Classic coke imagery: the red, the ribbon, and the coke script. "Classic" is even in a simple lowercase sans serif. This is a confident design. Coca-cola is acknowledging that we all know the product, so just drink it. They've given similar treatment to the majority of the Coke line, including Diet and Zero. Simple, back to basics, pure equity. Compared with Pepsi's blow-it-all-out how-many-designs-can-we-produce-in-a-summer strategy, this takes guts. You just don't see that all too often from one of the largest brands in the world and I certainly appreciate it.

And here's a quick visual history of Coca-Cola can design.


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