Your Cell Phone Deserves a Nice Juicy Burger


cellphonedoughnuts.jpg I had never wanted a pointless charm to dangle off my cell phone until I saw the intricately crafted food-themed charms at Japan-based Strapya World, at which point I decided that I didn't just want a pointless charm, I wanted many pointless charms. Their fast food line includes a cheeseburger, hot dog, fried fish burger, double burger, and cheese egg muffin, which could almost look edible if they weren't the size of a thumb. But don't worry if fast food isn't your thing; there's so much more. Oh yes.

The rest of the cell phone charm menu includes doughnuts, Belgian waffles, partially eaten bar of chocolate, udon, dim sum, sliced bread, chunk of melon, margherita pizza, and about a zillion other things. [via cutie gadget]

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