What's Your All-Time Favorite Adult Candy Bar?


ultimatenougat-innards.jpg It's possible, it's just possible that I have discovered the greatest adult candy bar of all kind at the Aspen Food and Wine Classic. It's called the Ultimate Nougat Bar, and it's made by Andrew Shotts at Garrison Confections. Studded with roasted pistachios, hazelnuts and almonds, topped with caramel, cloaked in serious dark chocolate, it is the combination Snicker Bar-Milky Way of your dreams. If Thomas Keller would serve a candy bar at the French Laundry or Per Se instead of petit fours and chocolates, this would be it. If Tom Colicchio would craft a chocolate bar, this would be it. If Mario Batali wanted to serve a chocolate bar at Babbo, he would change the name of the Ultimate Nougat Bar to something Italian, maybe Ultimo Nougatto and present it with coffee.
The Ultimate Nougat Bar is the quintessential adult candy bar. I used to be a Mounds man, but I am forever changed. For me it is now the Ultimate Nougat Bar or nothing.

Do you have a favorite adult candy bar? Serious Eaters want to know.

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