Ace at the hilarious product review blog, The Impulsive Buy, just reviewed Froot Loops Cereal Straws, something that has been on the market for a while unbeknownst to me until now. Oh, how times have changed since I was a little girl and demand for cereal tubes that one could suck milk through was nonexistent. I don't think there's anything horrible about the product—I'm just wondering who thought of this, why did they think of this, and how did it actually reach the manufacturing process? Ace himself proclaimed, "On the list of 'things nobody asked for, but we're going to give you anyways,' cereal straws has to rank in the top five."

Ace says that even though the straw holds up to the milk being sucked up it, you can't eat the cereal and the milk at the same time as you would if you ate normal Froot Loops in milk with a spoon. Eating the straw makes it a useless tool for milk ingestion.

Once you take a single bite of the cereal straw, it becomes too short for drinking and the fun immediately dissipates. If you just sit there and drink the milk, you'll just be wasting the straw as it imparts no flavor and is generally useless. Once you get to the bottom, you realize you have a half-soggy cereal straw with no milk to wash it down with.

Well, sign me up for a case!

I think the cereal straw as a cylindrical snack, like flute cookies, is understandable. Using it as a straw for milk on the other hand seems kind of silly. Then again, this product is marketed towards kids and is meant to provide fun, not anything in the realm of usefulness. What's the next step in cereal evolution? Bowls and utensils made out of cereal? Or do those already exist?


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