Check out The Food Section's interview with plush meat creator Lauren Fleischer for a glimpse into the mind behind plush meat superstore, Sweet Meats. Why does she think people like plush meat so much?

Meat, especially red meat and pork, is often seen as a vice these days and people love to be subversive. There's also an instinctual, biological urge to grab a piece of meat. Meat is one of those foods, like chocolate, that people have intense cravings for and of which they will go out of their way to find the best piece, unlike, say, milk or cabbage. Also, cuddling up to something that is normally bloody and cold is pretty funny.

My reason for wanting to cuddle a squishy pork chop is mostly the last one, but her other reasons make sense too. Go to Sweet Meats to get your own huggable pork chop, t-bone, rack of ribs, links, ham bone, or even vegetarian-friendly block of tofu.


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