Serious Eats Father's Day Gift: The Book

Please don't condemn me for what some folks will surely see as shameless self-promotion. The Young Man and the Sea, the cookbook that I, Serious Eats overlord Ed Levine, just co-wrote with seafood cook and fisherman extraordinaire David Pasternack, is now available at your local bookstore and of course on-line at Amazon.

I mention it now because it is a perfect Father's Day gift. David is the epitome of a regular guy. He's a dad, a fisherman, and a great cook, and those qualities come through in every recipe and on every page of this book. Here's David on catching a Mako Shark: "This morning I went out fishing with Artie for Mako Shark. I sat for an hour waiting for a bite. It was like oceanic meditation. Then I got one on the line, and I tell you, this shark was a rough hombre. He put up a wicked fight. Mako sharks are not exactly user-friendly. Have you ever seen an angry mako? It's not exactly pretty."

If your dad likes to cook, fish, and talk about it at great length while having a beer or a glass of wine, The Young Man and the Sea will make him very happy for Father's Day.


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