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The Best Bowl of Noodles in the World


Ben and Nate roamed Asia for months on a belly-expanding mission to find the best bowl of noodles on the continent, or possibly the world. Today they revealed their number one bowl hailing from a greasy ramen shop in Tokyo named Ramen Jiro:

As I look around and take in the sights and the sounds (mostly raucous slurping), the overwhelming fragrance in the room is a deep hue of soul wrenching pork stock. This is not a pretty bowl of noodles; it will taunt you, it will tease you, and after 5 minutes of eating the crap out of this thing it will somehow breed more noodles, more bean sprouts, more cabbage, more melty, fatty, juicy chunks of days-cooked pork, more chopped garlic, more soup, more...ramen. I notice that every single bowl that goes back on the counter has been completely demolished, perhaps only a bit of soup remaining. It becomes very clear to me that absolutely no one can leave there without finishing the whole thing.

Read the rest of Ben and Nate's "unforgettable journey of taste-bending glory," preferably not on an empty stomach unless you want to feel sharp pangs of ramen hunger. Also be sure to check out their other top Asian noodle picks: #2 and #3, and #4 and #5.

If you're interested in hearing more about the greatness of Ramen Jiro and the shame that results from failing to finish a bowl or the glory that comes after polishing off your order, listen to the excellent ramen battling stories in "Ramen Jiro Noodles: A Test of Greatness" on NPR.

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