There are a whole lot of mail-order steaks out there. Even Donald Trump has gotten into the act with his Sharper Image beef. But at their best, like at Peter Luger's or Lobel's, mail-order steaks are really good and really expensive. But a few weeks ago I had a flat-iron steak from Lobel's that was killer and downright reasonable. The flat-iron cut is also known as top blade steak, and it's both very beefy and very tender, an usual combination in a moderately priced piece of beef ($15.98 plus shipping). Lobel's never freezes its meat, they only ship meat that is at least prime-graded, and if you've never had a flat-iron steak before, it will be a revelation.

fathersday-botm.gif If it's bacon your dad craves swine give the gift that keeps on giving, a membership in the Bacon of the Month Club. Every month your dad will get a different bacon in the mail. The anticipation is half the fun. I received a membership in this wonderful, made-to-order-for-Dads' club a few years ago, and it turned out to be one of my favorite presents of all time.


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