miamivice.jpg Eater just posted the press release for the upcoming third season of Top Chef, set to premiere June 13 at 10 p.m. ET. I loved the first season, most of which I saw in a marathon before the finale, and tuned out the second, but I think I might actually watch this one through!

Big changes: The show is now located in Miami and set at the beachfront Fontainebleau Hotel, which I'm guessing means we're going to be seeing fresh fruit, seafood, Latin influences, and bikinis galore. Padma fans, please shut your mouths and stop drooling all over your keyboards in anticipation—it's very unattractive. Also Ted Allen of Queer Eye fame is joining the show as a judge. Either someone at Bravo liked what they saw of his panel appearances on Iron Chef America, or they're trying desperately to keep the QEftSG flame alive somehow.

Small changes: Allen and last season's runner-up, Marcel Vigneron, will be keeping blogs on Bravo's site, joining those of Tom Colicchio, Padma Lakshmi, and Gayle Simmons. I bet Marcel's will be the most entertaining of the bunch and can't wait to read it! Less exciting: Bravo is going to start doing "mobisodes"—video interviews with the guest judges you can only watch on your web-enabled cellphones. I have a master's degree in nerd and I still wouldn't bother. I'm not typing URLs with my phone's teeny keyboard for anything less than super juicy unaired scenes, Bravo. Try harder next time.

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