grom.jpg Every once in a while you get an email so passionate that all you can really do is share it, because paraphrasing would never do it justice. Here's something I received today from my pal Finn:

From: Finn
To: Lia
Subject: Grom


excuse my friend's, um, exuberant writing style. his gf is in italy right now and he visits fairly frequently, hence his experience with this gelato joint. he's probably serious about the dream too -- he really likes ice cream.

----- Forwarded message -----

From: Jeb
To: Finn
Subject: yo

tell your foodblogger friends that they should go to grom and write about it for the food-blobs RIGHT AWAY! GROM is SO FRAKING GOOD. I had a dream about it last Sundae (you catch what I did there with the 'ae'?)

The Grom causing all this excitement is an Italian gelato chain opening its very first outpost in the US this Saturday at Broadway and 76th Street in New York. We'll do what we can, Jeb! We'll do what we can.

N.B. If you'd like to send tips in, my email is Exuberance, abuse of the caps lock button and even multiple exclamation points are almost always welcome.


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