hotredpepperjelly.jpg I think of jellies as being sweet and made out of fruits, but some people like to make their PB&Js with jellies that are anything but, made with peppers and including all sorts of ingredients from sweet to savoury, like raspberries and garlic! If you don't feel like combining them with peanut butter, they can be served on crackers with cheese, or you can cook with them the way you would with chutneys.

Elise over at Simple Recipes posted a recipe for JalapeƱo Pepper Jelly, if you'd like to try your hand at making some yourself. If you'd rather just buy a jar or two, Sam McGees sells eight gourmet pepper jellies (including the award-winning Bryanas Hot Red Pepper Jelly at right), the Hot Pepper Jelly Company offers nine kinds, and last but definitely not least, sells a whopping twenty-three different flavors.

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