John Brownlee over at Wired's Table of Malcontents blog found a video of Creationist Chuck Missler using peanut butter to "disprove" evolution:

Brownlee summarizes Missler's argument:

"Evolution makes the claim that life is created from nonliving matter, pretty much by random chance. Therefore, chance dictates that every once in a while a gigantic peanut butter blob monster should spring from a recently opened jar of peanut butter and wreak havoc upon the supermarket. After all, a billion jars of peanut butter are produced every year: If evolution were true, certainly one of those jars would have evolved into a chunky peanut butter monster by now."

(Myself, I'm considering becoming a Pastafarian, so who am I to say that our ancestors didn't crawl out of a primordial peanut butter–like ooze?)


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