Mr. Bean's Idiot Guide to French Cuisine

mr-bean.jpg In the latest issue of the Observer Food Monthly, Mr. Bean discusses the peculiarities of French food, like for example how you really don't need to speak French to order off a menu:

Quite frankly, given the Frenchies haven't got enough of their own words and so have stolen and misspelled loads of ours, all sorts of recognisable delicacies can be teased out of the most unhelpful of Parisian menus. 'Moules Mariniere', for instance; any twit with a vague knowledge of the alphabet can get from 'Moules' to mules and 'Mariniere' to mariner and safely come out with seafaring donkeys. Another squeeze of the old loaf and bingo: seahorses! They don't get my taste buds a jumpin' but there you go.

His latest movie, Mr. Bean's Holiday, opened in the UK just last weekend, and he's also got a new book titled, perhaps unsurprisingly, Mr. Bean's Definitive and Extremely Marvellous Guide to France.

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