keithfloyd.jpg Jessica Kiddle of The Scotsman recently talked to Britain's original iconic celebrity chef Keith Floyd about his long career:

Boisterous and roguish in equal measure, his relaxed style of cooking provided a welcome break from the staid, "here's one I made earlier", style of cookery programmes.

"Cooking is an art which should excite and ignite conversation," he says. "Although I have written lots myself, recipe books are a bit of a nuisance. Cooking has to have an emotive and inspirational feel about it and, because of that, you should just go to the shop then come home and work out how to cook what you've procured rather than slavishly following a recipe.

After over two decades on camera in 19 different series that are still being shown around the world, and having written 25 cookbooks, he's still chugging along, albeit at a more relaxed pace than before. He's currently teaching a series of eight two-day weekend workshops in Cumbria called Floyd's Cookery Theatre, May's sessions are titled Back to British and June's are Mediterranean Cooking, and infrequently updates his blog Floyd Uncorked, named in tribute to his 1998 series on wine.

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