haggisshepherdspie.jpg Joe McPherson lives in Korea and his blog, ZenKimchi Food Journal is all about collecting "recipes for cooking Korean food in Korea or abroad and recipes for recreating western food with Korean ingredients". I don't know how many Koreans or Westerners would be willing to eat the Haggis Shepherd's Pie he recently managed to cobble together, as it looks about as nasty as the name would suggest—it's the Haggis part of the equation that gives me pause—but I do give him points for being both crazy enough to think it up and intrepid enough to actually execute the idea.

(If you've never had haggis but think you might like to, McLean's of Scotland will happily ship you some, ready-to-cook, from between $40 to $265. Better your tastebuds than mine.)


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