20070322winebox.jpgI spoke to Josh Wesson, grapehead supreme and founder of Best Cellars, about the Three Thieves Bandit Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc he carries in juice boxes (Tetra Paks). I figured if the real wine snobs are crazed about screw caps they must be more than a little annoyed about the juice boxes. But Wesson, ever the democratizing force in the wine business, loves them.

"The boxes are completely inert (same innards as milk containers), so there's no reaction with the juice inside," Wesson says. "It's also airtight (until the seal is lifted or broken), so no oxidation is possible. I like them because they're lightweight and less fragile than half or quarter glass bottles. They also chill quickly—as the coated paper from which they're constructed is a relatively poor insulator. Picnics—toss them in a cooler or bucket of ice. By the by, the Three Thieves Cab tastes almost as good chilled as it does at 65 degrees Fahrenheit."

Have any Serious Eaters tried these suckers?

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