Taiwan is not a country that generally comes to mind when the food-obsessed think of where to vacation, but everyone I know who's ever been has come back completely gobsmacked by everything they've eaten there, vowing to return and in some cases already planning their second trip back. Mei is lucky enough to live in Taiwan, and she put together her own local snacking guide, Top Ten Taiwanese Tucks.

Everything she describes sounds delicious, from the stuffed pastries to the knife-sliced noodles, but the listing that intrigues me most is her favorite shaved-ice place: "Xin Fa Ting in the Shilin Night Market. Winter or summer, come rain or shine, this place is always packed. What makes the ice here so special is that the store actually makes the ice out of condensed milk."

It's been open for more than 30 years, so it must be doing something right.


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