Smokestack Lightning, a Day in the Life of Barbecue. Filmmakers and serious eaters Scott Stohler and David Bransten of Bay Package Productions follow ten subjects from five different states, exploring "the history and tradition of this food from its rural beginnings to its present day incarnation in large-scale commercial organizations."
Smokestack Lightning: A Day in the Life of Barbecue, Part 1. Pit masters from Kansas City and Memphis talk about juicy meat, smoky flavor, and flies in the hot sauce. ; barbecue; Smokestack Lightning; Memphis pit masters Raymond Robinson (Cozy Corner Barbecue) and J. C. Hardaway (Big S Lounge) serve up their origin stories and talk meat -- from Boston butt to ribs to Cornish hens.; memphis; Smokestack Lightning; Tennessee; barbecue; cooking; eating; entertaining; food; From back alleys off Beale Street to the cattle yards of Kansas City, Smokestack Lightning takes a look at urban 'cue.; Missouri; Serious Eats; Smokestack Lightning; Tennessee; barbecue; bbq; cooking; eating; eating out; food; kansas city; memphis; In this episode of Smokestack Lightning, veteran pit masters talk about barbecue with regard to race. ; bbq; kansas city; Serious Eats; Smokestack Lightning; barbecue; cooking; eating; eating out; food; memphis; Travel with Serious Eats series Smokestack Lightning to South Carolina as the Scott family stokes the fire and preps the pig for a roast on "Hell's Half Acre."; Serious Eats; Smokestack Lightning; South Carolina; barbecue; cooking; eating; pork; Pit masters Keith Allen (Allen & Son, North Carolina) and Ricky Scott (Scott Family Barbecue, South Carolina) talk about the wood they use and the time it takes to do 'cue right.; Serious Eats presents the first in a multipart series of excerpts from Smokestack Lightning, a Day in the Life of Barbecue.

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