Häagen-Dazs Reserve

One of the perks of working at Serious Eats world headquarters is that every once in awhile people stop by with food.

A couple of months ago a few folks from Häagen-Dazs stopped by asking us to sample their new Reserve line. They even brought along an oenophile to help us understand just what it was we were going to taste. He was a good guy, but we don't need a wine geek to tell us what's good when it comes to ice cream.

And these flavors were seriously good: Hawaiian Lehua Honey and Sweet Cream, which was kissed with just enough sweet honey flavor, Toasted Coconut Sesame Brittle, which tasted like a good version of one of those desserts you get at a Middle Eastern restaurant, and Pomegranate and Dark Chocolate Bar, which had a mysterious winey flavor (maybe that's why the wine geek came along), were all mighty fine.

We did wish the pomegranate dark chocolate bars had a more pronounced pomegranate flavor. These ice creams cost a buck or two more than regular Häagen-Dazs flavors, but we thought they were worth it. Now the folks at Häagen-Dazs headquarters are giving us enough Reserve ice cream so that ten other Serious Eaters can try these new flavors as well. And because the Häagen-Dazs folks are willing to share the wealth, each of those ten Serious Eaters will be able designate three friends to receive their own shipments of the Reserve flavors. Think of it as a the Häagen-Dazs Reserve Chain Letter, only it's a box of ice cream instead.

But we're going to make you and your friends work for your ice cream. We've composed the first Serious Eats Ice Cream Trivia Contest. The first ten people to email us with the correct answers to these questions will win the ice cream "chain letters." There is a geographical catch here. These ice creams are only going to be available initially in certain parts of the country, so you have to live in those areas to be able to win (as do your designated ice cream pen pals). The areas include:

CA: Fresno; Los Angeles; Riverside-San Bernardino; Sacramento; San Diego; San Francisco Bay Area; San Jose and surrounding areas
CT: Hartford-New Britain-Middletown areas; and New York City suburbs
DC: Washington, DC area
FL: Ft. Myers-Naples-Marco Island; Jacksonville; Miami-Ft. Lauderdale- Hollywood; Orlando; Tampa- St. Petersburg-Clearwater; West Palm Beach-Boca Raton and surrounding areas
MA: Boston area
MD: Baltimore area
MN: Minneapolis-St. Paul areas
NJ: Middlesex-Somerset-Union; Monmouth-Ocean areas; and New York City suburbs
NY: Nassau-Suffolk areas; and New York City suburbs
OR: Portland area
RI: Providence-Warwick-Pawtucket areas
WA: Seattle-Tacoma areas
WI: Milwaukee-Racine

And now for the Serious Eats Ice Cream Trivia Contest Questions!

  1. How many lbs of milk does it take to make one gallon of ice cream?

  2. In what year did the first ice cream parlor in America open?

  3. Who invented the first hand-crank ice cream maker?

  4. How many licks (on average) does it take to eat a single scoop of ice cream?

  5. Which world leader worked as a research chemist and helped develop methods for preserving ice cream?

Email your answers to: contest@seriouseats.com. Good luck!

Update: Thanks to everyone who entered! The ten winners have been notified by email. Look for the answers to the trivia questions tomorrow.


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