supernaturalcooking.jpg In Salon today, Sarah Karnasiewicz interviews Heidi Swanson of 101 Cookbooks about her own new cookbook, Super Natural Cooking: Five Ways To Incorporate Whole and Natural Ingredients into Your Cooking:

The problem I started to notice was that often, beyond the fruits and vegetables and artisan meats I'd see customers buying, the foundation ingredients that people used to cook or support their farmers market finds were still heavily processed -- like nutritionally barren flours and grains, highly refined sugars, jams and jellies, or nut butters made from heavily sprayed crops, and industrially produced cooking oils.

So in a way, the cookbook grew naturally out of what I was doing in my own kitchen. I'd decided that I wanted the supporting players in my recipes to be of the same standard as the produce I brought home from the market on Saturday mornings. I started by overhauling my pantry. And that immediately opened my eyes to a whole world of exciting and completely underutilized ingredients. Trashing my white all-purpose flour, I made way for a new spectrum of whole-grain flours, everything from whole-wheat pastry flour, oat, quinoa and mesquite to wild rice flour. I made pancakes, quick breads and cookies and traded standard pasta for a new cast of noodles made from buckwheat, spelt and spinach. The book is the result of that journey. It's all the information and recipes I wish I had a few years back, compiled into one volume.

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