0315-mivami-innards.jpg By Robyn Lee | I don't know how L'as du Falafel can be considered the best falafel in Paris when Mi-Va-Mi sits right across the street. It may not be Lenny Kravitz approved (although how that become the gold standard for a great falafel I have no idea), but it's at least Robyn and Meg approved, which must count for something.

Mi-Va-Mi's falafel pita sandwich stuffs light, crispy deep fried balls of seasoned ground chickpea in a soft, fluffy, chewy pita along with melty eggplant chunks that are reminiscent of butter and what seems to be an entire head of chopped pickled red cabbage. It would be better with more falafel and eggplant magic and less crunchy cabbage action, but it's still really damn good and easily one of the tastiest falafels I've ever eaten.


After chowing down on falafels my friend and I went to the nearby Boulangerie Malineau. While my original plan was just to get a pain au chocolat, my stomach gurgled at the sight of the fluffy multicolored marshmallow sticks and my friend and I ended up sharing a pain au chocolat and a coconut marshmallow in the small square on rue du Bourg-Tibourg off rue de Rivoli. The pain au chocolat was alright, but the marshmallow left us craving more. The mildly coconut flavored marshmallow reminded us of some kind of coconut flavored Asian dessert, but you know...better because it's in the form of a marshmallow. And not one of those cube or cylindrical pillow-shaped things, but like five baby marshmallows congealed together in one long beautiful plank for a grand total of 70 centimes.

I went back to the bakery today and bought one of each flavor.

27 rue des Ecouffes, 4ème

Boulangerie Malineau
18 rue Vieille du Temple, 4ème

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