Hello, Di Fara (by Slice)Noooooo!!!!!!

Slice reader Gabriel S. just emailed me: "Went by Di Fara looking for a slice today and saw that they were shut by the board of health yesterday. Do you have any details?"

I just called Dom DeMarco proprietor of legendary Brooklyn pizzeria Di Fara. He was at the restaurant, and he confirms that the Department of Health has closed the place "for little things."

"They say I've gotta wear gloves now—and a hat," Mr. DeMarco said. "It's all little things, like everybody else."

Despite the crap news, Dom seemed pretty chipper, taking things in stride. "I'd only wear a hat if I were bald. I'd rather pay the fine than wear the hat."

Mr. DeMarco estimates he'll be open again for business by Tuesday.

"I think it's their way of forcing me to take a little break," he said, jokingly.

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