IMG_400D_0707 (by bigeoino)After three days in Barcelona, my family thinks I am going to turn into a ham. Not just any ham, but a jamón de bellota, made from the famous acorn-fed black-footed (pata negra) Spanish pigs.

In three days here, I have bought five different kinds of ham and ordered it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner in some form. Every morning, I go to the Boqueria and inspect the wares of the many ham vendors found at this wondrous market, which is every bit as great as advertised. I ask everyone I meet there where they buy their ham. Not many people speak English, and my Spanish and Catalan are nonexistent, so I don't really glean very much useful information from my queries.

So I'm forced to try the ham at every one that looks serious, which turns out to be every ham vendor at the market. There are at least 15 ham vendors at the Boqueria. That is why my family thinks I am going to turn into a jamón de bellota by the time I leave here. Of course if I do turn into one of these hams, I will not be allowed back into the U.S. But I might not care.

Photograph by Bigeoino


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