jonessoda.jpg Jones Soda spent over $1M retrofitting their equipment to use pure cane sugar in their drinks instead of the industry standard, high-fructose corn syrup. "A Pepsi spokesman told The Wall Street Journal that Jones' claim that pure cane sugar is more healthful "just isn't true. Marketing a myth for a competitive advantage is irresponsible and short-sighted." Then Jones got a letter from the Corn Refiners Association, which doesn't like Jones' claims about sweeteners, either."

So why did Jones Soda make the switch? CEO Peter Van Stolk says customers have been asking them to switch from HFCS to sugar for years; "They want sugar, he said, "because it tastes better and they feel better about it because it's pure; it's sugar. They know what it is." Government corn subsidies keep corn sugar cheap but cane sugar tastes SO much better, regardless of whether or not it's better or just as bad for you as HFCS. If you're in the US, try picking up a bottle of Mexican Coke and do a taste test. Coke made with cane sugar has a crisp, cleaner taste and better mouthfeel, the difference will amaze you.


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