The Washington Post's Joe Yonan has a short but great Q&A with NYC restauranteur extraordinaire Danny Meyer up today:

"Let's say I get a salmon dish at Union Square Cafe, and it's not too salty, it's not under- or over-cooked. There's nothing particularly wrong with it, but I'm disappointed with how it all comes together, and I think, "eh." What should I do?"

"Tell me. Please tell me. And have the confidence to accept my suggestion for a solution. I have a choice. If it's a $25 entree, I have $8 or $9 invested in it. Would I rather save that $8 or $9 and have you go tell the world "eh"? Or do I make sure you leave the restaurant raving? You may say [that] "eh" doesn't rise to the level of a mistake, but I say that it does. Nothing is worse than to just "whelm" somebody."

Meyer's most recent book, "Setting the Table: The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business", came out just last year and is perhaps unsurprisingly already on its seventh printing.

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