We don't know that there's an answer to this puzzling question, but the best place to look would be Starbucking, an indie documentary out on April 24th that follows a man named Winter as he attempts to visit every Starbucks-owned (non-franchise) Starbucks in the world.

The company opens an average of 10 new Starbucks-owned Starbucks a week, but Winter's already hit up over 6,000 since 1997. Can anyone do the math? Will he actually make it?

"My name is Winter. Only Winter. Past articles referring to a name other than Winter reflect inaccurate/imprecise reporting because they do not tell the whole story. Since most articles do not have space to tell the whole story, simply stick to this fact: my full legal name, as decreed by a judge in Texas, is Winter. Nothing else. Just Winter."

Sounds like he's had a little too much coffee?

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