'Sound Bites': A Rock Star's Take on Eating

All-things-NYC blog Gothamist interviews rock star and food columnist Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand:

It seems as though a lot of chefs fancy themselves to be rock stars. Do a lot of rock stars harbor secret desires to become chefs?
There are personality traits common to people in both- disregard for conventional life, a desire to travel, swollen egos, tendency to alcohol and substance abuse. More chefs consciously behave like rock stars than rock stars behave like chefs, but that's because most guys in bands don't think about food much. Eating is something they have to do between the important stuff, similar to pissing or throwing up.

Having said that, because any vagrant can get a job in a kitchen, a lot of rockers have worked in catering at least once in their scabrous lives. Success changes a few of them, though - three or four platinum albums down the line, they think they are connoisseurs of fine cuisine and wine. I'm not under that illusion. I might write about food, but that doesn't mean I know sod all about it.

Mr. Kapranos's Sound Bites columns, which appeared in the UK's Guardian newspaper until August of last year, have recently been collected into a book of the same name.


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