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Table for Two: 'We Can Always Order More'

In this episode of Table for Two, Curb Your Enthusiasm's Susie Essman has lunch with Vogue food critic Jeffrey Steingarten. Essman reveals her cannot-eat-list, which Steingarten, when handed the menu, ignores.

11:00AM on 12/13/06

TAGS: Chinatown Brasserie, Chinese, dim sum, Jeffrey Steingarten, Susie Essman, Table for Two, videos


Susie for crying out loud can you find someone to go to lunch with who is entertaining. PLEASE!!

I want to like these Table for Two segments, I really do, but these are painful. Fortunately I can just close the video and don't have to suffer through a whole meal. In contrast to JerzeeTomato above, I'd gladly eat with Steingarten, it's Susie that I don't care for. Why have someone with so many food issues hosting video on a site with Serious Eats focus?

why am i not surprised he drinks voss water?

I like them, they are fun to watch.

I love Susie. That other dude hogs the camera.

@JonahM You know you may be right. Why send someone with a list of eating issues on an eating adventure. I nominate you Jonah to go and fill in for Susie. Adam has been having way too much fun going out to Babbo and Alain Ducasse. We need fresh blood so to speak.

Ha! I'm not so presumptuous to think I coud do better, but if Mr. Steingarten is in Los Angeles, I'd gladly share a table with him. I am a big fan of his books. These table talks should be renamed "The Man Who Ate Everything Noshes With the Woman Who Ate Nothing"


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