Sunday Nov. 19th is the last day to enter the Thanksgiving pie contest. To win two superb pies of your choice just tell me in 100 words or less what your all pie Thanksgiving menu would consist of and why. On Monday I will announce the winner and figure out the logistics of delivering the pies. The other pie winners (for correctly identifying the two pie quotes) will also be notified then.

Remember, both New Yorkers and non-New Yorkers can enter the contest. New Yorkers will receive two pies from either Two Little Red Hens or Yura & Company. Serious pie lovers in other cities will receive pies from either their favorite local pie baker or from Grand Traverse Pie Company, the best mail-order pie baker I have found.

Now for a few slices of Thanksgiving pie info:

Megnut continues to have a great week with her Thanksgiving meal media round-up.

The Amateur Gourmet weighs in with a typically idiosycratic and amusing Thanksgiving menu post.

Kudos to Melissa Clark for an absolutely first-rate, entertaining, and informative piece on pie crust in Wednesday's New York Times. The story was a soulful, Steingartenesque tour de force, with the Thanksgiving story lead of the century: "A few years ago I achieved perfection in a pie crust and it smelled like pig."

On Monday I am going to post an edited version of Karen Barker's brilliant mini-treatise on pie and pie crusts, taken from her indispensable book, Sweet Stuff: Karen Barker's American Desserts.

As I've said before Karen makes the best pies I've ever tasted.


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