Who's your favorite restaurant critic? Adam Platt? Frank Bruni? Legends Ruth Reichl (shown above, incognito) or Gael Greene? Alan Richman? You can nominate anyone you want, not just the names above.

Write a hundred words or less on who your favorite restaurant critic is and why.

Here's a cheat sheet with the issues you should consider in making your choice:

Food and Wine Expertise: Do they know their stuff when it comes to food and wine?

Writing Chops: How well do they write? How good are they at describing food, setting scenes, turning a phrase, making you feel like you're at the restaurant as you read them?

Authority: How authoritative are they? Are their reviews trustworthy? Do you believe them?

Perceptiveness: Does the critic make you think they understand what the point of the restaurant is, what the chef or restaurateur is trying to do?

Like Tim Zagat, my opinion doesn't matter.

The winning entry will be judged by Jeff Steingarten (shown above, doing what he does best, eating and talking about it); David Kamp, the author of the brilliant United States of Arugula; and me. The winner will be taken to lunch or dinner by Steingarten and me at a mutually agreed upon date. You will receive signed books from both of us as well.

This contest will not be considered complete until we get at least 50 responses. So tell your friends about Serious Eats' Who's Your Favorite Restaurant Critic contest.

A wonderful dinner with scintillating company awaits the winner.

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