The response to the Food Rorschach test has been overwhelming and extremely gratifying. So gratifying that I feel compelled to offer a second food rorschach, based in part on questions posted by readers.

And maybe what we'll do is try to do a single food rorschach question every day. I figure between our collective imaginations we should be able to come up with one good one a day for the foreseeable future. And if it stops being fun and starts to seem forced, you'll tell me and we'll stop.

So here is the Day 2 Rorschach Test:

1) Thin or Thick-Crusted Pizza (Known in certain locales as a casserole)

2) Fried Chicken Drumstick or Wing

3) Ruffles or Regular Potato Chips

4) Toasted or Plain Hot Dog Roll

5) Mounds or Almond Joy

You may now begin. Don't obsess over each answer. It's supposed to be fun, and you've probably already been through the college admissions process and done just fine.


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